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Achieve Rationality

The goal of Learn With Me is to achieve imperfect rationality through the worlds first Autonomous Generalized Artificial Intelligence.

A few examples of what’s in my theory

My approach to AI is different from contemporary AI. My aim in achieving critical rationality in artificial intelligence is from the ground up. To provide the system with enough resources to teach and evolve itself. Some of the building blocks to my approach include but is not limited to:

Modelling Understanding

How does a system model objects, behaviors, actions/reactions so that it can use this model to create a rational plan for a wanted outcome?


Processing input as multi-channel streams for generalized pattern matching and discover.


Simulating modeled understanding to discover novel behaviors, actions/reactions, and testing multiple plans for improved rationality.


AI must grow. In order to grow AI needs to understand itself and what and how to change in order toevolve.

The secret of success

Many ideas and concepts contribute to success. These are just a few devices I use to keep on track and also to prevent burnout.

utilize the subconscious

The human brain is *incredibly powerful*, more so than we know. Give your subconscious tasks and in time it will present a result.

Avoid destractions, but also welcome it.

Staying focused is important in completing a task at hand. But sometimes you have to step back and take a break to give your mind a break.

Communicate with your peers

You do not know everything. Be humble and listen to others thoughts and opinions. You do not have to accept and use it, but at least listen.

Think outside the box

This is always important in creating something that has never been done.

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